Monday, July 18, 2005

Just Us Girls

Charlotte is 10 weeks old today. No matter how slowly time dragged in the hospital, her first two and a half months have flown by.

Nothing flew so fast as Philippe’s paternity leave. He went back to work today. That's a big update in itself.

Charlotte and I have had a fine, quiet first day alone together. This morning we went to the pediatrician for her first shots. She was a champ! She cried a bit, maybe 5 minutes, then finished her bottle and went to sleep for several hours. Later this afternoon she fussed a bit, but Tylenol took care of that. I suppose that after everything she's been through a few shots really pose no challenge for her! What a little trooper.

Other milestones:
--At the doctor's office, Charlotte downed her entire 65ml (~2 oz.) breakfast in 25 minutes--healthy baby time. She's not done as well the rest of the day, but I think the shots probably have her a bit tired and out of sorts.
--Official pediatrician weight: 9 lbs. 5 oz. Go Charlotte!

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Charlotte's Fairy Godmother said...

Go, Charlotte! We love that weight gain. Keep eatin' the goods, darlin'!