Thursday, February 02, 2006

Comment va Charlotte?

Tres bien merci!
(Blogger won't let me format accents.)

We had the helmet refitted for the second time today. Charlotte's head grew 2mmm. Pat says that this rate of growth is right on track. She also believes, per her measurements and eyeballs, that Charlotte may get out of the helmet sooner than 4 months. We'll keep going for refittings; 2 more weekly, then every 2nd week. We'll visit Dr. Vicari mid-March for a new STARscan.

Mom's favorite time of day?
The helmet-free hour. I especially like it when it coincides with mealtime. Seriously. Is this a shayna punim or what?


Tracy said...

Okay, now that all your shiksa friends have had to run and Google "shayna punim"...
Yep, she definitely is :-)

Tracy said...

I just helped Mhari read your blog. She asked me if "shayna punim" meant dirty face :-) Would that be "schmutzy punim"?

Charlotte's Mom said...

You and your girls just crack me up!