Friday, April 21, 2006

More Milestones

Guess what Charlotte was doing when I got her from her morning nap today? Sorry not to have a picture. It did not occur to me to take a camera to get her up.

She was standing up! Yep, standing up in her crib, banging on the edge, grinning from ear to ear. And, yes, I spent 40 minutes this afternoon lowering the crib mattress. Charlotte tried to help and played with her toys in her room.

On the ear and tummy front: She's still sipping from a cup. She prefers to drink water rather than formula. And she much prefers to drink from my glass. Today she ate about 3 tablespoons of solid food at lunch. That was huge--she'd been on "strike" from solid food for a few weeks. She's still fairly congested and the puke-o-meter is at 3 today. But she's feeling better.

We visited our friend and neighbor Meg today. Charlotte's Fairy godmother Colleen was there with her 3 beautiful girls who were playing with Meg's daughter. Meg's little guy is 6 months old. It was quite something for me to see a 6 month old down a 4 ounce bottle of food and a bowl of cereal in 20 minutes. Something to look forward to. I guess I've come a long way--3 months ago I would have left the house, sat on the curb and cried my eyes out. Thanks to Meg and Colleen for understanding how hard this all is and for making Charlotte and me feel pretty normal. And thanks to Will for letting Charlotte play with his toys.

Pictures soon, I hope.


Trish said...

WTG on the standing!! And sipping water is a huge step! I know the formula thing...Jacob will only take water from a cup...these kids are odd that's for sure!

We are you now know, but he's now running a pretty high feever. So we're back to watching him realllllly close.

Charlotte's Mom said...

Fingers crossed,Trish, that Jacob is feeling better today. Been thinking about you.

The Fairy Godmother said...

Charlotte was quite adorable to see; thanks for bringing her to play. Now, we just need to feed her with Will and she'll get the idea! Wink, wink. All in all, though, Meg and I agree that she looks quite healthy herself and is growing nicely. Her mommy doesn't look too bad herself. And I'm glad that you've lowered the crib. Now I can sleep. XOXO