Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Walking is FUN

I was going to update the blog this morning to note that yesterday was a DWOV. No vomit whatsoever.

But, then Charlotte trumped that update! First, I put her into the baby zoo and she took about 5 steps away from me, on her own with no prompt. Later, she walked from the couch to the bookshelves, on her own with no prompt, about 20 steps. Finally, she walked from the front door into the kitchen. I lost count how many steps that was. She looks like a grinning Frankenstein.

So, Charlotte's stats for today:
Number of times she tried to put food in her ears: 14
Number of teaspoons of solid food she had for dinner: 2 Number of tunnels crawled through at Gymboree: 2 tunnels, 5 times each
Number of times she had me read Five Little Ducks: 5 Number of times we read Here Come Poppy and Max: 3
Number of times she finished the triangle, square, circle puzzle: I lost count
Number of times med port opened (yuck): 1
Number of times changed clothes: 1 (see above)
Number of unbridled giggles: Countless

Other important stats:
Weight (as of 7/24): 21 lbs
Number of teeth: 10 that I can see
Height: 31 inches (tee hee, now that she's walking, we can say height rather than weight)
Number of meals Charlotte ate 100% (no tube supplement) in past 7 days: 2

Happy August indeeed!

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte, darling, you are so special. Now, you have really started walking on your journey! I am so proud of you and I love you soooooo much. Bamma