Monday, October 09, 2006

Flavor of the Week

It's not all high-brow around here. Spaghettios. Pureed. Yum. She ate at least 2 teaspoons. Woo hoo. Somehow I feel like I should apologize to Jennifershmoo, writer of Vegan Lunchbox. I hope she'll understand that we each have to feed our children what they'll eat :) !!

She also likes

Israeli couscous. She eats it one piece at a time. Actually, I'm not so sure whether she likes it or sees it as a great delay tactic. She did eat about a teaspoon o it.

So, is it odd or sad that when my 17 month old (17 months today, ya'll) eats 2 teaspoons of food I'm OVER THE MOON? Geesh.

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