Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where to start?

Charlotte hams it up for Uncle Hal's camera on Thanksgiving Day.

The biggest news ever: Today is Day #5 without vomit. Yep, five whole days with no vomit (I'm not counting tiny little wet burps at breakfast). I'm jumping for joy.

The even better news: Since Saturday, Charlotte has been eating like crazy. She simply loves Spaghettios. On Monday I had to give her a second serving. Tonight she ate about a tablespoon. She's drinking about half of her Pediasure each day. Amazing. Truly.

I'm sure there is a correlation between the eating and the lack of vomit. My theory is that the more days she goes without a major reflux incident, the less she associates eating with pain and the more she eats.

Word of the day: After her nap, I asked Charlotte if she wanted to eat. She said, "Eat." She even enunciated the "t" at the end.

Flavors of the week: Pineapple. She likes to hold a chunk or two and suck on it. And wheat thins. Nibble, nibble.


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Mom said...

Hooray for Charlotte! and you, too. Mom