Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Official, Charlotte is

a big girl now. And not an inch too soon. When she stretched out on her crib mattress after we took the crib apart yesterday she had about 2 inches to spare at either end.

She hasn't quite mastered the big girl bed yet. I just found her parallel to the foot board at the foot of the bed and had to move her. Philippe had to rearrange her last night, too. It's a good thing she's not a light sleeper because we just pick her up and move her!

The bed is full size because we had a convertible crib. So while she looked huge in her crib, she looks tiny in her big big girl bed. But so peaceful.

And when she's awake, climbing onto the bed and bouncing on her bum is her new favorite activity.

And as big as she is, Bubba is always there to help her sleep!


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Julie said...

Hi, my name is Julie. I randomly found your blog by searching for the "zevex infinity", and saw your post comparing it to the Kangaroo Pet.

I have a blog all about my daughter and our journey. She will be 2 next month, and had a stroke in July.
Long story short, she now has the GTube that will be changed to a Mic Key in November.

I've been through the Joey (just dumped the formula into her too quickly), now the Pet, which, as you probably know, is just an outdated hunk of plastic. I equate it to old school Atari.

I haven't read your whole blog yet, just 2 entries. I'm very interested in your story because it seems you've been through it all with the gtube. Congrats for your daughter "graduating"! I can't wait until that day for my daughter.

If you have any input/advice, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.
my email is

Thank you so much! and good luck :)