Monday, November 03, 2008

Fettucine Alfredo

At the suggestion of dietician extraordinaire Sara from CHOW I introduced Charlotte to fettucini alfredo this week. Charlotte would subsis on Spaghettios and Amy's Ravioli if I'd let her, so we're trying to broaden her horizons.

What she lacks in quantitiy eaten she makes up for with exuberance! (She's eating up to about 2 tablespoons, but she earns dessert by eating nicely, so we get the calories in....)

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SusanLee said...

Ilene - I've lost your phone number and wanted to call you today. The house was quiet, the kids were outside playing and it was my chance! Your email with phone number got erased (I'm not the only one on this computer) and I would love it if you could email me again.
Love, Sue (Cummings) Foreman