Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Home At Last!!

She’s home! Upstairs asleep. Please give us a day or so before you start calling (if you’re so inclined). We’ve got to get the hang of her feeding schedule, medications, etc. It may be a day or three before we start venturing out of the house. We’ve nearly run our one portable oxygen tank dry, so baby is tethered to her bedroom until some more are delivered tomorrow. Then we probably want to get the home logistics mastered before we try to juggle going out.

The cats have sniffed everything, from the bouncy seat to the oxygen tanks. Miles has sniffed Charlotte, too. They seem uninterested in her, but want to be in whatever room we’re in. When I’m with Charlotte, Esther is head-butting Philippe; then she comes to me for Beanie—Esther time. Hopefully that will continue to go well. My biggest concern is that one of them will want to bat at the tubes hanging from the bassinet (the oxygen and, every 3 hours, the feeding tube).

We’re relieved, exhausted, and thankful to be here. As for me, I’m a bit nervous and scared. Looking forward to the oxygen and NG tube going away.

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