Thursday, March 22, 2007

Recovery Day #1

In a nutshell: Charlotte "rocks!" as Dr. Jason Kane, the intensivist on service, said this afternoon.

Today the docs have:

  • Removed Charlotte's bladder probe (an uncomfortable catheter thing that takes an internal body temperature near the bladder. Yuck.)

  • Removed her Foley catheter and reinserted her MICKey button

  • Stopped all IV drip meds except for a small dose of Milrinone

  • Pretty much stopped Morphine (because Tylenol works better for Charlotte)

  • Released Charlotte to her home diet

Today Charlotte has:

  • Drunk 360 mls of Pedialyte without coaxing

  • Drunk 100+ mls of Pediasure and tolerated another 80 mls through her g-tube

  • Eaten about 1 teaspoon each of chicken and mashed potatoes and a whole string bean

  • Hammed it up for the camera (I'm in the hospital computer room without my camera or laptop, so pictures to come)

  • Asked to "atch Elmo" (and, yes, Daddy ran home to get the DVD for her!)

  • Said "Bye Bye Jenny" to Julie Creadon

  • Blew kisses to the volunteers who visited

  • Shown her truly bright, vital, funny personality

  • Warmed our hearts

Thanks for your calls, emails, and warm thoughts. More tomorrow.....


Eve said...

Dearest Charlotte, I am SO excited to visit you tomorrow and I'm bringing a special friend with me. I am so proud of you for being such an incredible trooper since before you were born--and I can't wait to give you a hug tomorrow. Love, Eve

Mark & Mary said...

We're so, so, so, so, so glad to hear how quickly that toughie Charlotte is bouncing back. She DOES rock.

Love from AZ...

Mary & Mark & Ruthie & Maddie